Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Every family has one…right?

I am talking about the "Kid who cut their own hair" story. I think it is a right of passage as a parent. You know, when your kid decides that cutting their own hair is a genius idea or a fun game…please tell me you all have these stories?

A couple of weeks ago Meeka got her hair cut. 
This was her 2nd ever and it had been 9 months since her first. 
Well, She LOVED it!!!! 

She loved it so much that for the entire week following I had to keep a close eye on her as she would miraculously show up with scissors and talk about her haircut. Well, I must have been slacking, because really who know what else I would have been doing, and she comes up to me with scissors and a chuck of hair and very happily said, "I CUT MY HAIR!!!!" 

"Ahhhhhh, NOOOOOO!!!" If you were wondering what that noise was the other day it was me screaming in despair as chunks of hair kept falling out of her head as she led me to the pile of hair on the basement floor.

So now she has a full on mullet….

The 80's are coming back right? Maybe I should buy her some neon for Spring and she will be the most stylish toddler around!

Look out Suri…here comes Meeka!

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