Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Advent Activities: Focus on Kindness

Things never stop around here, do they? 

I feel like I am never caught up on life and its only getting crazier! 

I helped plan a family event for Church, which we held on Friday called ADVENTure Night. A night to focus and get ready for the Advent Season! It was a great event; lots of pizza crafts, games and fun! A very fun way to kick of the season! 

Logan even got asked to be in the pageant on Christmas Eve for doing a kind thing for another child. 

Advent officially started on Saturday, so we broke out our Advent Treat Tree, which the kids look forward to every year (we have had this since Logan was 18 months old). Melina and Logan each made Countdown to Christmas Chains too! Logan's has a bible verse to read each day, so we are doing that to help keep sight of the reason for the season. Last year we did Truth in the Tinsel and we LOVED it! I decided that we would take a year off this year, so that the crafts don't get too old, but we WILL do this again! If you have not heard of it, check it out. It’s not to late to catch up! 

However, we are doing something special for Adevnt in our family. We are focusing on kindness this year and each day we are doing an act of kindness. Some will be small and some may be big. Some may require planning and others will be spontaneous!

Day 1 
The kids each went shopping for gifts for others.
I can't tell you how excited they are to have their own wrapped presents to give…now if they can keep them a secret until Christmas, that will be a miracle!

Day 2
I challenged them all to go to Sunday School and do good deeds. To let others go first, help the teacher clean up, etc. They also got into the spirit and all helped do the dishes and clean up at home!

Day 3
I am working on kindness with my Cub Scouts too! We made RAK (Random Act of Kindness) cards with candy canes.  I challenged them all to go our and give them to people they don't know, but that help them (the bagger at Kroger, the public librarian, their server at a restaurant, etc.) and to watch their reaction and see how happy they can make other and see how it makes them feel when they can make others happy!

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