Monday, December 17, 2012

Ready, Set, Go!

The race to the finish is on….and we're full speed ahead. 

The girls and I got our hair cut.

We made more White Chocolate Chex Mix and filled containers for Moms Day Out Teachers and Sunday School Teachers, Dance Teachers, the mailman, etc. Its our go-to gift each year. 

We took time out to do something FUN on Saturday. We went to EnterTRAINment Junction down in Cincinnati with Sammy Reese, our cousin! The kids had a great time. My boys were very interested in the trains, it was really fun! And we got to see Santa; they have a fantastic Santa experience! You go into a private room with just your family and Santa and they don't rush you. All of the kids got their chance to sit on his lap and talk to him.

 On Sunday, Melina, Meeka & Carson sang at church. 
It was super cute!

Om Sunday we had an ornament making and caroling party. The girls came home with trays full of ornaments for the tree.

We handed out our RAK cards all weekend too! To more people at Kroger, GFS, the pizza delivery guy. We gave gifts and made ornaments for more people too. Logan also gave his own money to SISCA, an organization to help animals, which his teacher is collecting for in lieu of gifts to her. Logan has given half his money to charity this year, all on his own accord, no one asking him to. I can not tell you how proud I am of that!

This week if filled with more madness, and I love it, but I am ready for Friday when I can stay in my jammies and I have no lunches to pack and kids to drop off!

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