Friday, December 7, 2012

Kindness: Day 6

Day 6

Today we did a couple of things.
Both kids took in food for the food drive at school. We found some of these healthier dinner options (as healthy as one can get for dinner in a can) on sale at Target and we thought that might be good items for the food drive. This is actually the 2nd day for Logan.  He keeps raiding my pantry every day, at some point I will have to tell him, "that’s enough."

At school Meeka made her project (a tree ornament) for our baby-sitter. She wrote (or the teacher wrote what she said) what she likes about Nikole and what she would like to do with her. This afternoon the rest of the kids make some more ornaments for her tree. She was so excited to get them- this is her first tree and she didn't have much on it!

Gingerbread Houses

Yesterday I had the pleasure of making Gingerbread houses from scratch with the kindergarteners. They are such a wonderful class and did a fantastic job with their houses! They even out most of the candy on the house, rather than in their bellies!

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