Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cards for Soldiers

Day 4
Yesterday our kindness project was making cards to send through the Red Cross to Soldiers. I did this with my Cub Scouts on Monday too. The Cub Scouts wrote in cards that I had bought (and they did a great job!). However, we decided we would make some handmade cards. After watching the Red Cross video about the program, where one of the soldiers mentioned how much they loved the homemade ones from kids and how special those were, we knew we needed to get our creative juices flowing. We made 12 cards. 

The front of some of our cards.
We cut up Christmas cards from last year to use the pictures.
Working hard

Carson used the whole sheet of stickers on one card

A note from Logan

A note from Melina

If you are interested, you can mail your cards here.
They must be received by Dec 7th though.

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