Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Parties and more Acts of Kindness

To say this has been a busy week might be an understatement. I know most weeks are busy in our family, but it is Wednesday night and I am exhausted! 


One of our Acts of Kindness this week was to have all the kids go through their stuff and we donated to Hannah's Treasure Chest. If you are local and don't know about Hannah's check them out (I included a link to their page). They are a fantastic organization that provides clothes, furniture, toys, books and dental hygiene items to children in need in 5 counties. They are ALWAYS in need of more items. If you have stuff to donate, please consider taking it to them; you can be sure that very quickly your items will be in the hands of someone who needs them.

A basket full of items to donate.

 Cub Scouts

We not only had a den meeting on Monday where we delivered cookies to the firehouses, but we had a big Pack meeting last night. Logan got the chance to through pies at the Cubmaster and Popcorn Kernel for selling a certain level of popcorn. Talk about a wild and crazy and fun night!

Look at the excitement in watching pies get thrown.

Good Aim!

School Parties

I made massive amounts of Christmas Popcorn for Logan's party. We filled these cute snowman cups with the popcorn. Logan was so excited to tell me this afternoon that everyone loved the snowman cups. :) 

Christmas popcorn…oh so adictive!

Snowman cups filled with popcorn.
Melina's Party was a lot more work, but so worth it! The kids had a fantastic time and they were so well behaved. It is such a joy to see their excitement! I had a reindeer themed party for the kiddos; I had 6 stations of activities set up and then we rotated the kids through each station. They finished with an ornament exchange.

Reindeer Food Bar

Pin the nose on Rudolph


Making reindeer antler headbands!

Icing cookies!

Making reindeer ornaments for the tree.
We also made necklaces, like the one Melina is wearing!

Ornement Exchange!

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