Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Acts of Kindness

Days 7, 8 & 9

We shopped for Toys for Tots. Each child picked out a toy that they wanted and then we gave them to our friend who is a Marine and in charge of the local program.

Searching for the perfect gift

Showing of their gifts
We gave some money to the salvation army. I LOVE that they have people playing holiday music rather than the bell ringers. So much more festive and I think (at least for me) makes me want to give more to the musicians. We also graced him with a RAK card.

The tuba player at Kroger. The kids enjoyed his music!

We also spread some holiday cheer by handing out several of our RAK cards. I LOVE to see the faces of the recipients light up when they get read the card and the child says Happy Holidays. They are ALWAYS surprised and the reactions have ALWAYS been positive. The kids LOVE it!!! Makes them feel good! And I love that seeing others made happy makes them feel good!!

This weekend was also filled with a very fun birthday party for the whole family! Who doesn't like swimming in warm water in December!! 

And a couple of Cub Scout events.

Night of Building

Learning about tools

Building bookends

Space Derby

All of the rockets lined up and ready to race

The boys and their families getting ready to watch the race

All of the boys with their rockets

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