Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Letters from Santa

Today the kids received their letters from Santa in the mail….I am sure the people on the next neighborhood heard the squeals of excitement when they saw the envelopes address to them form the North Pole! It was so fantastic to see their delight!!! I especially LOVED Logan’s exhilaration, and for three reasons.

1.     He could read his letter himself (although to give credit where its due, Melina did read her entire letter by herself too, it just took her a lot longer) and was so excited as he read each sentence.

2.    He came home earlier this month and told me that some kids don’t believe in Santa, that they just think it’s the parents. CRUSHED MY HEART!!! He still believes in Santa, but to think the day is coming…. I feel the tears already!

3.     He was so utterly excited he wrote Santa back immediately!

This was a super fun and easy thing to do and it is helping to keep the magic in our household!

The Envelopes

The postmark from the North Pole

Their Letters

Logan's letter back to Santa.

         We have still been handing out RAK cards. And it is time to start giving out holiday gifts to all those special people in our life such as teachers, bus drivers, mailmen, etc., etc...

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