Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A tale from the trenches…Miss JoJo

Miss JoJo….

She is the one of my kids who lives up to her astrological sign to a capitol T….GEMINI! Maybe thats why her nickname JoJo fits her. One Jo is for one side of her personality and the other Jo is for the other side. She is so very smart, reading chapter books at 5, yet she would forget her head if it wasn't attached. For example, last week I said to her in the car don't forget to bring your glove and water bottle bottle out of the car. So she repeats "glove, water bottle, glove, water bottle..." all the way to the field…you know when we got there, she got out of the car and had neither in her hands!! She sometimes walks around at home, saying, "focus, focus…" Cracks me up!!! She said last week at one point, "I'll try to remember, but I'm a good forgetter!" No kidding JoJo!!

She she is pretty athletic…that is when she is not doing her tap dance on the soccer field or drawing pictures in the dirt on the softball field. She will in be lala land until someone screams her name when the ball comes close and then she pops back into reality and can just run, dribble and score! She does have a great attitude on the field and is one of those kids who will just say, "oh, well" when she doesn't get it and try again. And she is encouraging to others…my little cheerleader. The one thing where she does focus is dance, she is always listening to the music in her head, so I think thats going to be her forte…she loves to dance!

This weekend she decided that it was a good idea to hide money in her mouth….that was until she swallowed 6 cents and thought she was going to die! I mean she is 6….do you know how many times we tell her not to put things in her mouth??? Maybe this was a good enough scare for her to THINK before she does things….we'll see!

JoJo has a possessed side sometimes too…She wanted a new family last week at one point. I can defiantly be the worst mom in the world! And she can has a problem with personal space sometimes. Her teacher sent her home with a reading book once this year called Personal Space Camp…I wondered whether there was meaning behind sending that book home? And yet she is the very first one to say "Happy Birthday!" or ask, "How was your day?" After I took my real estate exam, I picked her up from camp and she ran over, gave me a big hug and the first thing she said to me was, "How was your test? Did you pass?" Seriously melts my heart!!! So my question is how does she remember those things?? I don't think I'll ever know the answer….but that OK.

Thats just JoJo... it makes her who is she….and even though she can drive me nuts, I LOVE that girl!

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