Monday, July 8, 2013

Celebrating America Miraglia Style

Family Photo - July 4, 2013

Our tradition is to visit family and celebrate the 4th of July with swimming, golf, food and fireworks! This year Logan played golf one day and Daddy and Grandpa were so very complimentary of how he played (and that doesn't happen from those two where golf is concerned)! He scored a legit 68, so all his time at the driving range this year is paying off!! He can't wait to get back on the course….Michael is even saying that I should get back out there. It's been a while, but now that we don't have babies it will be much easier. 

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It was a great weekend, but I always love coming home. This month is looking quite insane with multiple camps for multiple kids, dance classes starts again, and softball and t-ball go through the end of July….and the boys birthdays are in less than a month…they always sneak up on me…what to do, what to do??? And of course, we are still working on that Summer Bucket List!

Cartwheels on the green

And rolling down the fairways…
watching them set up the fireworks too!

My acrobat!



Relaxing in the sun…does it get any better?

Carson drove and drove the "Carseat" until it ran out of batteries….twice!


And nothing beats a ride on a beautiful summer night!
Can you tell she loved it by the smile on that face!

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