Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How You Might Know I Have 4 Kids...

There are so many good things that come with having a gaggle of kids. Logan said just the other day, "I can't wait till Carson and Meeka and a bit older and we can play 3 on 3 football and soccer in the backyard!" I mean, really, how fun is that? All together, our family is a basketball team... with a sub!

Once you get past a certain number, for some thats 2, for others 3…its really just another mouth to feed…at least that's what I tell people…don't really want to scare them, right? In all honestly, it doesn't get harder with each one, in fact, at times I think its easier. You have more kids to entertain each other and more kids to do chores. If they get bored, or mad at one, there are 2 more choices…it really works out quiet well most of the time.

Here are some things that a larger families may encounter that makes them "unique"…

* You do as much laundry in a day as you used to do in a week. And seriously, I mean I do laundry EVERY day!

* You sometimes have a hard time remembering who you called by the time they pick up the phone on the 3rd ring, because while the phone rang 3 times there, was a 3 ring circus going on here.

* You buy a watermelon and its gone in less than 24 hours.

* You have more recycling than anyone in a 4 block radius

* You get awful good at making dinner, reviewing spelling words, changing batteries in a toy truck, playing memory and coloring…ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

* Your lucky if you get 1 match while playing memory (and concentrating) because your brain just doesn't function in that capacity anymore!

* The house feels very quiet when only 3 kids are home

* Your standards go from do the kids look cute today to are they least wearing underwear and shoes.

* You can have a great game of hide-n-seek in your house and if your good it double as 5 minutes of peace and quiet before the kids find you.

* You may be the family everyone stares at when you set up your whole cheering section on the sidelines of the soccer field, but your kids is never without that cheering section!

* A trip to the dollar store and target by yourself seems like a day at the spa

* You have bins of clothes and toys in your house in every size, for every season and for every gender…because you don't have the time to sort through it all and get rid of it!

* You are never lonely…someone always want to be with you like it or not!

And the number 1…. (and I know most of you know this phrase makes my skin crawl) EVERY TIME you go out with all the kids someone says, "You sure have your hands full!"

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