Monday, July 1, 2013

Catching Fireflies

My kids are usually early to bed, early to rise. It best that way for everyone. It's their natural body rhythm, which is good since the school bus arrives at 7am, and at the end of the night mommy is done! I need some quiet time without hearing, "mom, mom….. MOMMY!!!" 800 times a minute. This weekend was an exception and they got to cross another item off their bucket list…


The 6 kiddos ran around the yard arms flailing saying,
"I see one! I see one!"
(And yes, I do realize they are all shirtless…)

They were able to catch a bunch. They filled some containers with grass and poked holes in for air, but of course by the next morning they were toast….

The weather was weird on Saturday, crazy clouds and no rain….
Pretty skies and rain and RAINBOWS!
See the double rainbow?

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