Friday, January 8, 2016

Finding Balance

It’s the New Year and we have all been making and working on our resolutions, or maybe we have broken them already? Haha. I am working on finding the balance in life (I mean who isn't really?) In August I thought I'd have so much time since all my kids went to school this year.  Boy, was I wrong. I find myself busier than ever. I started a new career and I am LOVING what I am doing because it’s just me being me and sharing my passions for things I love. That's everyone’s dream job, right? It’s mine for sure. But it's also a job and I have to work hard at it. So how do I find the balance between my work, my kids life and time for me? How do I create the best me in this crazy world? How do I feed my family on the go, yet still keep it healthy, or at least semi-healthy? How do I not look like I jumped out of bed 10 minutes ago yet keep it simple and easy?

I have had this blog for a long time now and have been off and on with it, sometimes keeping up well and sometimes letting life get in the way. Well, here we are in the New Year and I have not posted since September, but its been on my conscious for some time now. I have recipes and things I want to share. And I have fun times and memories to archive. So, here we go again... trying to find the balance. Any your all invited to join in my journey. 

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