Friday, September 14, 2012

Life in Full Swing

This was our first full week where we had 
EVERYTHING on our calendar. 

All of the 3 biggest kids went to their respective schools on their respective days.

We started Moms Morning Out at a local church and Carson got to go to "school" too….he was THRILLED to have a bag and a lunch and he did great!!

Both girls had dance class

Melina and Logan had soccer games

We hosted playgroup at our house this week

I had a Jr. League Meeting, a Halloween Party Planning Meeting and my Zumba class

We signed Melina up for Girl Scouts this week too (thanks Julie for getting the info at the meeting!!), because we didn't have enough to do ;)

The only thing that was NOT on our calendar this week was Boy Scouts, since that is every other week.

And it all came together; we had a great week! Now its Friday and its time to relax and play!

Meeka right before her first dance class!
After class she came bounding out saying, "I did GREAT!"

Meeka had Yellow Day at school.
She took Lemon Meringue for yellow day.

For our playdate Logan and I filled the water table with shaving cream.
My kids LOVE playing with shaving cream. It can keep them occupied in a bathtub for a hour!!

I froze paint into a lego guy mold, so as the paint melted they could paint with it.
Mason enjoyed painting!

Carson enjoyed the shaving cream!

Melina painted and played with the shaving cream.

All the kids got in the trampoline and it was a fun mess!
Then they got out the hose, which played triple duty: cleaned them off, cleaned the trampoline out, and of course fun with water!
We had picnics at the soccer fields

Logan played a GREAT game this week!

And we had success in school too!
Logan did great in his first tests and he is #1 in his class at First in Math, which means he gets to wear a special necklace all day- he LOVES that. It is great motivation for him! 

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