Monday, September 24, 2012

School Spirit!

This weekend was Homecoming for our school district and the kids were excited about it, so we decided to take part is some festivities. I took the kiddos to the parade on Thursday night. While it was small, the kids had a FANTASTIC time! They knew a lot of people, got a handful of candy, and enjoyed the parade immensely! 

Then on Friday night Michael took Logan and Melina to the football game. They only stayed until half time because of how late is was and the fact that is started lightening. Logan was interested in the game at first... until he found his friends. Melina had ants in pants the entire time according to Michael, and to her. Sitting still, is not her thing I guess. But they were so happy to have gotten the chance to go, and it checks one thing off our Fall Bucket List: Go to a Football Game. 

This is a whole new era in growing up…
going to Friday Night Football.

Watching the first things in the parade appear in the horizon.


1st Football Game!

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