Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1st Day of School, Round 3

Today was Meeka's first day of school and unlike the others she was not so sure she wanted to go. Last week when we visited her teachers and saw her classroom  it was a struggle to get her in the door. Today was better, but she was not overly excited. When I picked her up though, she told me enthusiastically, "I had Fun!" and her teachers told me, "She's really funny!" Hmmm…I foresee her name on the kid quotes list quite a bit this year. On the way home she thanked me for taking her to school and told me she was proud of me for coming back to get her. And then it dawned on her that she could tell daddy about school tonight, just like Logan and Melina do, and she was thrilled about that idea! Now I officially have 3 in school. Just crazy!

Ready to go into school with her new preschool bag
and her puppy for the Teddy Bear Party!

I left her this morning coloring a Teddy Bear.

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