Friday, September 7, 2012

Organizing Life

I get a lot of questions about how we keep ourselves organized. And we don't always have it all together, but I try. I like organized. In fact I thrive on organization. So with the craziness this school year is bringing, here is how we are attempting to organize our family.

Our Calendar 

We keep this monthly family calendar in the kitchen for quick reference. It is color coded per family member.

Then we have the COZI App. Haven't heard of it? If you have a busy family (or  husband who needs a little help organizing) this is for you!!! You can have multiple people access and add things to this app. Is is meant to help family communicate and organize. It has shopping lists, to do lists and a calendar. This eliminates the phone calls that go like this:  "Hey, What do we have going on tonight? What time do I need to be home?" or "What soccer field are we on?" Now all that info is at his fingertips as well!

I can see the big picture of what are life looks like for a couple of months on one screen on the computer. It is very helpful! How did I live without this?

We also have a bulletin board in the kitchen where we stick pertinent info like birthday invitations, recital info, etc.

Keeping the Kids Responsible and Organized

I try to teach the kids to be responsible for themselves. It doesn't always work, but I can try. 

Each child has a hook for their backpack, umbrella, etc.

And hanging by these hooks is a list of their special and things to remember.


We also have an After School Checklist. This eliminates the "I will just do it later's" Logan has this list down pat, Melina is still working on it. She is not as neat and organized as Logan is, so the contents her lunchbox and backpack can end up all over the house without our coaxing right now. She'll get it though, I'm confident. 

The kids paperwork all goes into this box; they each have a slot. That way they can show daddy later. 

Keeping Me Organized

Then then for me, I keep a box for each kid and each kid has a folder for school and one for every activity they are involved in. That way I have all the info for everything stored in a place that is easy to find.

And yet, with all the technology, I still find the easiest way for me to keep my to-do is good old fashion pen and paper.