Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas 2012

I know it is 2013, but I have not archived my photos from Christmas  (this blog is my scrapbook- the way I keep everything we do organized) because we ended the year and welcomed the new one with sickness in our house. Everyone but Logan got sick and it has been a long 2 weeks, but we are all on the mend now, so here's hoping to a better 2013!

Woodland lights reflected in the pond
Grandma & Grandpap (my parents) came to visit for Christmas this year! It was a great visit and so nice to have them with us! We got to do some fun things at home and around town with them! We made gingerbread houses & sugar cookies. We visited the Air Force Museum, took them for Sushi and saw Woodland Lights.

My little reindeer
Logan is a penguin
 Christmas Eve we went to church where Logan was in the drama and in the choir. It was a lovely service and the kids all sat beautifully! We came home and had a FANTASTIC meal around the dining room table before getting ready for Santa!

Logan singing in Christmas eve

The kids all made reindeer food.
We sprinkled it on the front lawn 
so the reindeer could find our house!

Cookies for santa

Letters for santa too!

Merry Christmas eve!

Oh Look…santa was here!

he was good this year!
On  their way downstair christmas morning

wait…STOP…have to get a pix!

Check it out…santa came!!!

Christmas Day we just enjoyed the kids and did not worry about taking pictures while we were opening. All of the kids did a good job at being patient and waiting for others to open, except JoJo…she plowed through, was disappointed in her gifts and then was disappointed when she was finished and everyone else still had gifts. We had a nice relaxing day in all though.

The day after Christmas we traveled to Lexington Kentucky, where we lived when Logan was 15 months until Melina was born (Logan was 2 months shy of 3). While we lived there Logan made his first best friend, Xavier, and Felicity and I clicked instantly. We were together on average 6 days a week and we would talk on the phone for hours when we weren’t together, even when we knew we were going to see each other in 2 hours! Shortly after we moved to Athens, Felicity and her kids moved back to Australia, where they are from. We have not seen then since then and it was great treat to be able to spend some time with them and to meet Gerard and baby Noah! The kids connected instantly and within an hour were professing how they really were BFF’s! It was fantastic! Now to get to Australia….

The crew!

felicity, michael and me (with some kiddos!)

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