Monday, January 28, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Blue Teddy Bear

Take a look at him….can you tell he was well loved?

Logan received this blue teddy bear with a little rattle inside from my mom on the day he was born. We also bought him some stuffed puppies as lovies too, but this is the one thing that has stuck with him through thick and thin (and its pretty thin now after 8 1/2 years)!

Last week Michael told Logan that it was time to retire blue teddy bear. It was not something that was meant to be mean or spiteful, it was just that he is now 8 1/2 and he doesn't need to be twirling the hat and sticking it in his ear every night to fall asleep….yes thats what he did! :)

He was a bit fearful and reluctant to say goodbye to blue teddy bear. He had tears in his eyes. Michael told him it was his decision, but he was a big boy now and he could do it, but it was up to him. He let him think about it for a bit and then came back to him. Logan decided that he was going to give up blue teddy bear. And to be honest he had no problems at all. He has never once asked for it and it certainly made no difference in him falling asleep or anything. 

I was a bit more emotional about it. I didn't want him to take it away; it made me sad. In fact, I got tears in my eyes too thinking about it; so I stayed out of it. This is my first baby and he has sleep with this teddy bear  forever. It has been up and down and across the country. It has moved with us 5 times, been in countless hotel rooms and many many road trips. Once it was thrown in the trash and Michael and some associates even went through the entire dumpster at the hotel to retrieve it!

Every time I washed it I could hear that tiny rattle clanking in the dryer. In fact this might have been more traumatic on me that it was on him. So I kept the blue teddy bear. I really don't know if he will ever want to see it again when he is older, but I just could not part with it for now. It is a sign that my boy is growing up; maybe thats why I was so reluctant. But I have to face the truth, he is growing up, but he's still my baby!


  1. In my opinion, you need to keep that teddy for a long time, possibly forever. I'm not into keeping things just to keep them, but this is sentimental. It reminds you of those crazy first months where you didn't know what the heck you were doing! At least it would me.

    You never know, Logan may want to give the teddy to his kids in the future. :)

    1. I think I am going to get out his keepsake box with all his baby stuff and put it in there.

  2. Oh Gretchen, I know that pain well. Although, it wasn't Megan that opted to give up "brown bear" on her own-we "lost" him when my father in law ran over him with a riding lawn mower!! My mother in law "thoughtfully" sent me the picture of his remains (we have not or will not tell Megan how he vanished) and I was broken up about it for DAYS.

    You definitely need to keep the teddy bear!

    1. Oh Amy….I would have LOST it…I can not even imagine getting a picture of the "remains" An I don't know if I would ever tell her that story, even when she's 25. Thats awful!!!