Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Family Pasta Night

We have had grand dreams for a while now of having Family Pasta Sundays; a day where we all make homemade pasta together and in the summer, when our garden is in season, homemade sauce too. Maybe make some meatballs or pesto as well.  We finally got a pasta maker for Christmas so we broke it out this Sunday for our first Family Pasta Day! It was a HUGE HIT! The kids not only enjoyed making the pasta, but eating it too! Everyone's bowl was licked clean!

putting the dough through the kneeder

And out it comes. Fold it and do it again!

Each kid got to do the whole process with 2 sheets of dough.

Making the dough into noodles!

Drying the noodles.
We cooked them fresh after all the noodle were cut.

Looking satisfied after a good meal! 


The noodles were a bit long….

Maybe we should make them shorter next time.

Bath time a requirmenet!

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  1. Love it. I got the fruit & vegetable kits for Xmas. For next Xmas, I'll ask for the pasta one :)