Monday, January 14, 2013

Surprise Party!

Phew…what a weekend! Michael and I and Shendy had been planning this Surprise 60th Birthday Party for their mom for weeks and the day before the party, I get a call from preschool to come pick up Meeka…she has chicken pox! I was already stressed about the party and now this. Of course I can’t take her, but it broke my heart to leave her at home. Luckily we have great sitters, so I was not worried about her being in good hands, but it was still hard. But, the party turned out great AND it was a surprise!! Completely worth the work! Happy Birthday Debbie!
luckily she was not in pain!

Meeka was covered in spots

The tables

The centerpieces
(We used her favorite candy to add some fun flair!)

JoJo helping set up

Name cards / Menu

The sweets table

 Cake and 6 fun flavors of cupcakes

Shendy made this beautiful collage of pictures

noisemakers for the big SURPRISE!
(gotta have some fun!)

The room

Michael and Sammy Reese

The boys thought this trash can was so fun!




Michael and his parents

Carson eating a Watermelon Cupcake

Sammy Reese decided to try Watermelon too!

The the end of the night, the boys were going crazy in the hallway of the Country Club!

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