Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pinewood Derby

This weekend was a Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. All of the boys look forward to this race and spend hours thinking about what they want their car to look like and how fast it will go. Logan planned out a design and Michael carved it out. Then Logan sanded and painted the car all by himself. He went into the weigh-in and test runs with high hopes. Unfortunately when they helped us add weight to the car they drilled into our back axels. We had one wheel falling off and another that would not spin. Luckily a great handy Cub Scout leader of another den told us he would help us out and repair the car's wheels. So we went home that night and Logan had his fingers crossed dreaming of success.

He made it a sports car and painted it "Velvet Red"

He decided it would be an Audi
He even added detail to the bottom

This is what the bottom looked like after adding weight…yikes!
So the day of the race came and his car looked fixed, what a releif! 
All the cars lined up and ready to go

Putting graphite on the wheels one last time before the race

1st Race

Ready, Set, Go!

Unfortunately, Go fast his car did not. He came in last every time he raced. And honestly, I am not sure who was more heartbroken, him or me? I could tell from his face he was so disappointed. But he stayed and watched every race. He walked away for a second after it was all over, but he composed himself quickly and was there with the rest of his den to take pictures and have a small snack I made for the den. 

It was so hard for me to watch him come in last every race. I know how hard he worked on the car. I know we tried our best and we can't always win. But it was still hard…I am getting tears in my eyes just thinking about it. 

He recovered well though and although he was upset, he never cried or got angry. And he said int he car on the way home, "Maybe we can look up how to made a fast car next year." I am so proud of him. His car may not have been the fastest or the best looking, but he designed it and painted it all himself. And for that he deserves a medal in my heart!

Great Job Boys!!!

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