Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kiwi Crates: A Crafty Idea

Who likes mail? Me, Me!!! And my kids! And what’s better than getting a package? Getting one filled with projects! For Christmas this year my kids received Kiwi Crates from their Aunt, Uncle and Cousin. They got a 3-month subscription. There is one box for the girls and one for the boys, and because there is a sibling add-on option with Kiwi Crate, each box will come with the extra supplies needed for 2 kids, for only a couple bucks more! Each month they will arrive filled with Art and Science Projects! What kid wouldn't like that? 

Check out our first box!

The green box arrived!

Its wrapped up so pretty, with a sneak peak on the lid
about whats inside.

Each child got a pair of scissors. There was only 1 paint box,
but 2 brushes (the sib add-on).

The first project was making a
penguin bowling game

The box came with 6 penguins for each child.

And a sticker sheet and a marker for each child.

They loved making their penguins!
Most of the penguins have a story about
why they look like they do (made up by my kids).

The cardboard penguins were sturdy.

Each child also received a ball and
a set of score cards with different ways to set-up
the penquins.

The next project was creating postcards of Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights in Alaska.

They started by using oil pastels and drawling the lights.

And then they painted with watercolors
over top of the pastels.

The postcards will be great for sending Thank You Notes
or just a little something to say Hi! They are heavy
cardstock, so great quality.

The boxes also came with a penguin ice cube tray. There is a little booklet of science experiments to do with ice too. We
made the ice cubes, but we did not get to the science experiments last weekend. Hoping to get to them this weekend.

So if your looking a a unique gift for your kids or someone else's, or you just want some easy crafty and fun things to show up in your mailbox, so you don't have to plan out activities, then Kiwi Crates are the thing for you!

I did not receive any compensation from Kiwi Crates, I just posted this for your knowledge because I think they are great!

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