Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentine's Painting

On MLK day, after the dentist is was snowing and very cold. We stayed inside and decided to get out some paint and do some Valentine's Painting. We made heart stamps out of household items and we painted canvases too.

We made stamps from:
  • a toilet paper roll shaped into a heart
  • Bubble wrap cut into a heart and taped onto an oatmeal container lid
  • an apple

For our canvases, we made the word LOVE on one and we made XO's no the other. We made them in masking tape. Then the kids went crazy painting with red and pink. Melina even used the toilet paper stamp to reverse stamp after she and Meeka painted the canvas.

masking tape on the canvas

painting their canvas

The final product. The kids were trilled with them!

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