Friday, August 23, 2013

Butterfly House

The little two and I met some friends yesterday for a very FUN morning at the Butterfly House at Cox Arboretum! The kids really got into it and were "reading" their books to discover what they were seeing. All the kids kept asking me to take pictures of things; it was very cute. 

 We looked like a school group traipsing through. 

 Vine Caterpillars will turn into Yellow Swallowtails 
 A Yellow Swallowtail


 Another caterpillar.
The kids loves spotting them throughout the garden

 Studying their books

 I think I can catch it!

 Cuties…minus some of the boys who were
having non of the posed picture taking!

 After the butterflies the kids found made a hideout and the
park dog decided to join them for a bit. They followed the dog around for
a long time until it decided to hop into the lake to get to safety. It just stood in the lake while the kids tortured it from the bank.

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