Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Logan's Lego Party!

Last year Logan had a Lego Party (You can see last year party here)…so this year when he said he wanted to do Legos again, I had to come up with some new ideas. First off, we decided to have his party at Blokhedz, and independent Lego Store. That really made my life easier since I didn't have to do all the work…4 birthday parties in 4 months is a lot of work, so I was happy not to have as much for this last one! 

I glued real Legos onto
the front of the
And made the info side on the computer.

The Party Crew
His closest friends

Just to cool to pass up a picture of these!

The Lego Party!
They started off with a speed building contest
Logan making his car.
He tied with his buddy Austin
Then they had a bridge building contest. They had 3 teams and all had to build a bridge no bigger than the piece of paper she gave them and no taller than 3 bricks high. After they were build they put them to the test. Austin and Logan's bridge held 17 pounds before it broke!

Then they switched up teams and had an mini figure building contest. Each team was given a themed bin of mini-figures and had to put them together with all the pieces and accessories and build an army in 15 minutes. The winning team had 79 mini-figures in their army.

At the end of the party each child could build their own custom mini figure with as many accessories as they could fit onto it. They all LOVED this!
Of course we celebrated with Cake too!
Logan asked for an ice cream cake…which he asked for last year as well…
so had to come up with another new idea!

Blokhedz gave each child a bag with some goodies
and they got to keep their mini-figure and speed build set too. And I gave each child a bag of chocolate lego bricks.

Now lets hope he wants a different theme next year…not sure I can come up with more Lego ideas!

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