Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Carson's Construction Birthday Party

We had a very low key party at our pool
with just a couple families

Carson LOVES his trucks, so what better theme for his 3rd birthday party than Construction! 

The Food Table
We were just awaiting pizza, but soon as that 
arrivedthe kids all dug in!
The Fuel
aka juice boxes

Close up

The Goodie bucket
I made all the kids a
hat with their name on it. Mine are
still wearing them everyday!

Here's what was inside
"Rocks", "Tape Measure", a Truck, and A shovel
I also made each child a road picture and gave
construction stickers so they could make
their own scene.

The Cake
Carson wanted "regular" cake so I made a
white chocolate ganache with Buttercream
icing. Making this cake was fun. When I sat down
I had no clue how I was going to decorate it, but
just started cutting it up and dumping things
onto the cake and this is the final product.

I love this picture!
He was so excited for there cake and candles!
But when he only got a piece of cake
put in front of him instead of the whole
cake, he was not a happy camper!

Another "excited" picture!
This describes how he felt about his
party! He was just soooo excited!!

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