Friday, August 16, 2013

Last day of summer vacation

Yesterday was the last day of summer vacation for my kids…at least with me, since I am working on their real last days of summer vaca. I set aside the whole day to just spend with them and do something FUN! 

Last minute we decide to meet some friends from Cinci at the zoo. What a GREAT day! Its fun to see how the kids can just pick up and be instant friends with those they haven't seen in a long time. Lily and Logan have "known" each other since they were 6 weeks old, but since we moved away when they were 15 months its not like they remember. 

We spent all day at the zoo from 9am until after 4. We saw the animals, caught a show, saw a 4D movie for the first time, rode the train and carousel and of course ate zoo food…the whole experience!

The whole crew. Jill has 4 and another friend had 1…so we had 9 kids! 
We had more than some of the school groups visiting the zoo!

The kids really enjoyed the animals. We had to pry them away from some.

These 2 spitfires are peas is a pod…must by 3rd child syndrome

playing on the spiderweb

My kids LOVED the petting zoo. They would have pet the lions if they could!

Meeka feeding the goats

Melina attracted a while crowd while hula hooping. She had like 30 people watching and clapping and cheering for her. I wish I had a video of this!

She did all kinds of tricks like moving it up and down her body and putting her hands through, etc.

She LOVED being the center of attention!

Kids touching a snake.


The monkey kept slamming the window and they thought it was HILARIOUS!

Train ride. 
10 people, 4 train seats.

FANTASTIC day at the zoo!

And 3 out of the 4 were asleep before we even hit the highway home!

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