Friday, August 9, 2013

My I love when a child is in trouble

So this may seem crazy, but I love when one of my kids has done something wrong. It's not that I like them misbehaving, because usually (ok, always) it makes me angry, frustrated, sad…you know all those things you should feel….BUT its all worth it!!!

BECAUSE….its like a 6th sense for the other 3 kids who are not in trouble... they instantly are so helpful and kind!! Therefore, in my book its worth it to always have someone in trouble in order to have 3 who are willing to do extra chores….Are you all with me? Makes sense, right? Please just say right!

When one kid is in trouble and gets sent to their room, or whatever it may be, other others start coming out of the woodwork….mommy... I can set the table, I can water the flowers, I can collect the trash, Can I help you?….all so sweet and "innocent." Of course its not really innocent, because they all are suck-ups. But really, would you not take advantage of this?

Then I start getting, "Your the best mom in the world." And who wouldn't melt at that?

And then they start making me things…. Yesterday, Meeka made me 3 necklaces and braclets for my birthday (which is not until Nov.) And when I went upstairs to bed last night, I found this letter on my nightstand from Melina. It was thanking me for taking them bowling yesterday afternoon.

So honestly…why would I not want someone in trouble? I may start making things up, just to get a kid in trouble…because really, its worth the fussing from one, for the kindness I get back from 3, right?

Anyone else's kids experience that same 6th sense?

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