Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Boys are from the Galaxey and Girls are from Neverland

Somewhere in a Galaxy far far away where ships fly and guns are blasting it collides with Neverland, where pixies fly and fairy dust is used generously....at least in our house it does.

I was watching Logan and Melina set up and play their game yesterday and I was thinking about how cool it is that their two separate words mesh so easily! They can adapt and play together and make anything work and it is a really is pretty cool! Lately their games have been Star Wars vs. Little People and Little Einsteins (who all reside in Neverland). I love their creativity!!!

This made me think about how much I love having a mixture of boys and girls and I love seeing how nature vs nurture works. Still can't decided which is dominant, but it is fun to watch. Melina started dance class yesterday and she wore her leotard all day and twirled around the house. And Logan was interested in seeing what she learned and told her, "Good Job." And yet in her pretty leotard and tights, there she is blasting droids from ships.

I really just love watching them all play together; makes me PROUD (and more than not all 4 play together well)! They all love soccer and dollhouses; baking and rock bands, puzzles and games and just plain FUN!! It is just too cool for words.

Yes, there are major differences in boys and girls, but yet they are all alike in a certain way too. And it really creates for some totally awesome games in our house!

The Star Wars Side

Versus the Little People and Little Einsteins

Melina right before her first dance class! Isn't she adorable!!

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