Friday, September 9, 2011


WOW! What a week this has been! We are now into the full swing of things. Logan is in school from 7-2, Melina started preschool 4 days a week from 9-12 and Meeka is in speech therapy and I being the CRAZY person I am have decided to take on the role as organizer for the Dayton Mamas meetup group (a group of 143 moms and growing)! All of this plus soccer for 2 kids and dance and cub scouts. We are one busy family! And I know as the kids grow it is only going to get crazier! (And I will probably gets crazier too!) So one of my most asked questions after people say, "Wow, you are busy," is "How do you do it all?" Really, the answer is I don't. But how is TRY is by staying organized and making sure everyone pitches in. We are a team and we must work as a team to be successful. So here are some of the ways I stay organized. And yes, before you comment, I know I am type A and completely insane!

We have our master kitchen calender where everything is color coded and of course I have our calender on the computer and in my phone too! Gotta love technology!!

My kids are grazers for lunch, not the sandwich, chips and apple types. This bento box is one of the greatest inventions. Makes packing lunch so much easier!

Everyone has daily chores which are listed in the whiteboard and changed daily. And once a week they all clean their rooms and pledge their rooms, baseboards and all! And no playing with friends until the chores are done.
I love charts! These are Melina's mornings chores.

These are Logan's routines.

And each kids has all their clothes for the week planned out on Sunday.

And I keep my desk organized so I can find things least that is the goal.

And last but certainly not least, LISTS! I live off of lists. Without them NOTHING would get done!!

So now off start my crazy day....

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