Friday, September 16, 2011

Roller Coaster of Emotion

So following up....after Wednesday nights outburst things have been fine....until today when I answer the phone and it is the Asst. Principle of the Elementary calling. My heart sinks, my face goes white and my brain starts going 200 miles and hour before she even says anything. She tells me, "Logan is in the office because he kicked someone on the playground for no reason at all (said very condescendingly). Ok. Thought you'd want to know have a nice weekend. bye." QUICKLY, I  respond, "Wait, should I follow up with his teacher? What is going on. She tells me he was in the office earlier this week already and recess has not been a good place for him. I tell her I would like the teacher to call me after school.

So, now there is 30 minutes until Logan comes home and my emotions are ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! I thought he was doing well. Why have I not heard from the teacher? What is she going to say? Am I cut out for this? I can't take this another year. Am I a good parent? I let my emotions win. I cried and I thought until the thoughts were spilling out my brain.

Then he gets off the bus. Walks solemnly to me and holds my hand and leads me inside to the couch and he cries. He tells me that he kicked a girl because she was making fun of his friend. That he didn't use words, but he apologized. He told me the rest of his day was perfect. And then after we sit for a couple minutes he says, "Lets open my folder, there is a lot of stuff in there for you." So we open it and on top is a Warm and Fuzzy Award from the Art Teacher. It says, "Thank you for sending such a nice little boy to Art Class. He is a hard worker." And I get tears in my eyes. Who is this little boy...what is going on when I send him on that big yellow bus in the morning?

The teacher finally calls and she says that he was been "absolutely wonderful" in class. He has never had to pull a tag and is doing great; except for the two isolated incidents that I know about. She says the Asst. Principle must be mistaking him for another kid. And that she asked him why he kicked and he shrugged his shoulders and she never dug any deeper (isn't that her job?). The teacher apologized for the Asst. Principle and her phone call. I told her how awful the call was and how as a parent it is one of the worst feelings in the pit of your stomach. emotions can not take this!!! I feel much better since talking to his teacher. But the roller coaster of emotions takes a a toll on my body and my brain.

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