Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Random Thoughts

I don't feel like I have any real thoughts lately....just random things running through my head.

The cat got sprayed by a skunk and we have to take him for a skunk bath today... and this is what Melina decided to talk about in Chapel at school yesterday.

I am planning the Dayton Mamas Halloween Party and I planned on maybe 40 families...at a month out their are 80 families...I am just praying it all comes together OK.

I need to find a good baby-sitter...they are hard to come by.

Why is it a struggle EVERY time to get Meeka in her carseat and buckled and to STAY buckled?!?!?

I really wish someone would come and dust by baseboards and lights, etc.

What decorations should I put up outside for Halloween?

I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow.

I have to make an apple pie for Logan's school this week...should I make it with a crumble top or a traditional crust top? And I have to go get a disposable pie pan with a lid...but I don't want to take all the kids to the store.

I think I might try making Peanut Butter Chocolate chip granola bars

I broke a mirror this morning...does that mean bad luck?

Why does my laundry never end?

Should I start potty training next week?

Maybe I should stop writing now...my brain is hurting and I am just thinking of more and more "things."

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