Thursday, September 1, 2011

This That and The Other

This has been a mixed up week. Michael is working the 3-11 shift and in some ways it is nice to have him here in the am, but then again, it screws with my whole schedule and life as I know it (and the kids)! Oh well....gotta go with the flow, right? I don't feel like I am getting to much accomplished this week though. Again, oh well....

Today I hosted a playdate for Dayton Mamas at Hills and Dales Park. We had 15 moms and their kids come! What fun! Melina and Meeka especially liked playing in the nature play area in the woods. We worked on building a fort with Ethan and Jocelyn.

Here are some pictures of the playdate and just some other random things from today. 
Just a little of this, that and the other...
My little climber

This was their house! (Melina is into playing house these days...she likes to be the mom)

hiking through the woods

Throwing sticks and things into the small creek was a big hit!

I made Sushi for Logan's lunch today....PB & J sushi that is.

And what would a day be without a little excitement? Can you guess?

Yes, she decided to cut her own hair.

And this afternoon I slow roasted a pan full of cherry tomatoes. The house smelled delicious!!
This is the before picture.

And this is the after! Can't wait to eat these!

And then tonight we went and signed Logan up for Cub Scouts...He is so excited and this stuff is right up his alley....not so sure it it up mine or Michael's though. He is already asking to go camping in a tent.......

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