Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ideas Wanted

Michael and I both look forward to that moment when we walk downstairs after tucking everyone in for the night!! We can let out a deep breath and the weight of the day is off our shoulders. Don't get the wrong idea, its not that my kids are that bad or we don't love them to death or anything...its just nice when they are all sleeping. But then comes the second moment of realization...we have to go to bed in a bit in order to get up at 5...and then the 3rd...what do we do now?? We are in a rut. We come downstairs and sit on the couch and watch TV and usually its reruns of something or something we are not even that interested in. We look at our phones...and well, we are just bored. Yes, sometimes that is what I need at night, to just sit and be bored. But not every night. We enjoy each others company and like spending time together (as I think most couples do or should), and we do watch the same shows for the most part, but its time to move on....

So, we have decided we need a project. Something we can do together at night for the little bit of time between when the kids go to bed and when we go to bed. The problem is...we have no idea what that should be!!! The days are getting colder and it is dark by the time the kids go to bed, so something outside is not going to work. We can NOT do a 5000 piece puzzle or something like that; that would be Groundhog Day in our house. We work on it at night and in 5.2 seconds it is destroyed the next day and the cycle would continue. Anyone who knows Michael knows power tools are out. And we want to do it together, not he does his thing and I do mine. 

So HELP...what can we do???

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