Thursday, July 26, 2012

A bit of this and that from the last week

We have not been up to very much for the past week…and to be honest it is kind of a nice break! In fact, today, we have not even left our house. It has been a bit rainy this week (after having no rain all summer) and we have had no camps this week and not very many obligations, so we have not really done much. We have just had plain and simple summer fun. We have also tried some new baking recipes out.

Here are some "highlights" from our week:

Last Saturday I helped host a private party at Adventure Reef Water Park for Dayton Mamas. Talk about a FUN time for the whole family!! There were just enough families there for it to be fun, but it was not even the least bit crowded. And since most of the kids were smaller and could not go on the big watersides there were no lines. A lot of parents got to try the slides when they would not have been able to any other time and I think Logan must have gone down 150 times! He has so much fun!!

We helped build log forts.
Walking in the river
On Monday we did some hiking and play time at Englewood MetroPark with Aunt Shendy and Sammy Reese. We tried the Metroparks version of geocaching and we hiked and hiked in 90 degree weather all the way to the tip of the park and never found what we were looking for. I have to say ti was kind of frustrating, but the kids had fun anyway!

Cousins sharing a laugh!

Logan's Lego Invites we made
On Tuesday we made invitations for Logan's birthday party and since it is so close (next Sunday) we drove around and hand delivered the invites.

Yesterday, I hosted an Ice Cream Social at a local park. YUM! The kids played and played until they were very dirty and sweaty and then we came home and water jumped until bedtime.

Today I deep cleaned my dishwasher and washing machine. It really worked; and it was very simple. If you want to know how to deep clean the dishwasher click here. If you want to know how to deep clean your top loading washing machine click here.

Today I also watched my nephew (perfect for Aunt and Uncle Day)! We had so much fun riding bikes, water jumping, playing in the sprinkler and playing trains!

Cousins playing the Sprinkler!

Treat Time! 

We made mini pizza's tonight and the kids got to fill their  own muffin tins with the toppings.

Muffin tin pizzas

We also made 3 killer baking recipes yesterday and today. One was our usual granola bar recipe, but we added a 1/2 cup of cookie butter and substituted chocolate chips for the raisins…mmmmmm. That's all I can say!

The other 2 I will share later this week!
I promise you will enjoy!

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