Friday, July 27, 2012

Field Trip Friday!

Today was Field Trip Friday! We packed up the car with bathing suits, extra clothes, lunch, snacks and happy kids and headed to Cincinnati to visit Sharon Woods, which is part of the Hamilton County Parks District, and Jungle Jim's, an International Foodie Mart! We met some great friends there and had an absolute FANTASTIC day!!!

 Sharon Woods

We spent 4 hour splaying in the sun at Sharon Woods. For all those Daytonites who have never visited a park in Cincinnati, they really are a GREAT day trip! It only took us 35 minutes to get to Sharon Woods.

A picture of the boathouse where you can rent boats and bikes.

Playing in the stream

Watching the boats

Cooling off! It was 94 today!

The water feels good on the head!

They were playing Walk the Plank!

Jungle Jim's

They have anything and everything plus more that you could ever want! 
It is a foodie dream store!!    
A view of the outside of "The Jungle"
Walking into the store…just too cute!!!

Outside The Jungle

Carson LOVED the fire truck!
There is so much to see in The Jungle…ya never know what you'll find!

I am sure we looked like quite the crew!
Here is the haul…by country. 

Forgot to picture the fresh mozzarella in this picture.


Our produce haul…we are trying to try as many fruits as we can. I think we are getting close because we can not find much we have not tried anymore.

We got Jack fruit (Logan and I saw this on a Chopped episode), and Asian Pear (although we have tried these before), Thai Guava, a sugar cane stick and some banana leaves.

This was a total impulse buy that I gave into for the kids!

Logan LOVES sushi, so we are going to give some of their's a try for dinner tonight.
And here is the Mozzarella.

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  1. Jack fruit is delicious! Never had it from a can though.