Thursday, July 12, 2012

The library Gives Me Ulcers…is there a book for that?

I love the library.
My kids love the library.
I dread taking my kids to the library.

Seriously, the library causes me to have an anxiety attack. I feel like the libraries are not very kid friendly. Yes, they all have this big beautiful children's area, with tantalizing books about Dora, Pirates, Imaginary Friends and Real Friends. BUT, the kids areas are filled with shiny computers placed right at kids eye level and of course they are equipped with big red signs that say "do not let children play with the computers." REALLY??? So fine, I remove my child from banging on the keyboard, because of course that is the first thing they go for, and the screaming ensues.  Everyone starts staring at my screaming child; so I take them over to look at the Guinea Pig. But the nice sign on the side of the cage says do not let children put their fingers on the cage. Well, for little ones interested in animals, thats a hard feat…to just sit and look. So I remove them from that and again the screaming ensues. But wait, they just found the scissors and crayons that are laying out. Perfect, now I can chase them around with scissors in their hands. After manhandling the scissors out of their hands they find the basket of pencils and trivia slips that are conveniently located in the middle table of the children's area and they decide to scribble on some slips of paper that are asking how far the sun is from the earth and how hot it gets. Well, the Children's librarian is now glaring since I am pretty sure my kids did not look up the answer in the books provided to do so, so we take the books we picked out to her to check us out. She says she can't help us, we have to go into the main library to the circulation desk…perfect, let me carry the kids and the books across the library. And once we get there the words, "I have to go potty" are uttered. I just want to pull my shirt over my head and hide.  I am pretty sure our picture might be at the all of the libraries in a 2 county radius on their DO NOT LET THEM IN list.

Maybe its just me…but I thought libraries were supposed to be calming?

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