Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rainy Day Busy Bag

Busy Bag Exchanges never seem to get old….I mean who doesn't need more hands on, creative & fun  things to entrain your kids in different situations? 

Today's theme…Rainy Day.

This means we will be doing all of these activities at home, so they can be a bit more time consuming, hands on and messy!

A Pizza Game, Paper Bag Puppets, Cloud Dough, Velcro Activity, Magnet Activity,
Decorate Picture Frames & make your own Gak.

Make your own Gak…or Slime

This pizza game (complete in a real pizza box) is just like the game cootie. 
Roll a 1 to get your crust, 2 for sauce, etc.

Melina and Nikole (our babysitter) tried it out this afternoon. They had a great time playing the game and when they were finished with their pizza's they "baked" them in the oven and played pizza shop!

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