Monday, July 9, 2012

Holiday Weekend

Here's what we were up to for the Holiday weekend….

We spent the weekend (Wed - Sun) with Michael's family in Canton. Michael played a lot of golf (and took Logan to play 9 holes) and the kids and I swam a lot and hung out with family.

July 4th


Waiting for it to get dark.


We were up close and center (we could see the guys setting them off) and NONE of the kids were bothered by the noise at all.  They  all LOVED them!
Jo Jo engrossed in the fireworks.
Meeka and daddy.

Summer Bucket List

We crossed another thing off our Summer Bucket List... Root Beer Floats! 

Jet Tour

We got a tour of a Private Jet. Logan was in heaven…he would have stayed all day in the jet and he wanted to go back the next day too! 

The Jet.

Pilot Logan

Jo Jo getting ready to skydive from the cargo bay.

Picking their seats out.
Carson and daddy checking it out.


And we did A LOT of swimming! 
Melina learned to swim by herself in the deep end.

Melina jumping off the board

Logan flipping off the board

Carson had NO FEAR of jumping off the board!
Meeka jumping.

Baseball Game

We went to the Indians Game yesterday. Logan enjoyed that immensely as well! They lost in the end, but we went home with 3 game balls that the bat boy tossed to us after they were hit foal behind the plate, so everyone went home happy.

The view from our seats.
The batters warmed up in front of us.

Logan enjoying the game!


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