Friday, July 15, 2011

10 minutes....

Bedtime is absolute chaos in our house at times. Everyone gets a shower or bath, gets jammies on, brushes teeth, goes potty, gets medicine, a bottle, stories, music, journal...well you get the idea. Tonight after everyone was out of the shower the next 10 minutes went somewhat like this:

I go downstairs to get the medicine and bottle. Go Back upstairs. I walk in Meeka and Carson's room and I can see Meeka has something in her hair which she is lathering. I go to the bathroom and see shampoo everywhere on the floor because when I went downstairs for the medicine and bottle (which took me about 1.5 min to get) Logan was not yet out of the shower. In that time he had gotten out and Meeka took the opportunity to get the shampoo knowing it would not be up. (We have learned to put everything up high out of her reach). So I put her head under the sink to rinse out the shampoo and then brush her teeth. She is continuing to brush and I turn around to brush Logan's (I have not moved from next to her, just turned) and I hear Michael walk by and say my name. I turn and she has the tube of toothpaste all over her and the sink. I have not even finished brushing Logan's teeth and she made that much of a mess. So I clean that up and I hear "Carson's in my room." I go 4 steps to the next room and grab him and Meeka is gone. I find her in my bathroom her whole face covered in my lotion which she got by climbing onto the toilet and then onto the half way next to it and getting into my basket on the top shelf. At that point I just put her in her tent....night night!

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