Monday, July 18, 2011

Family PIZZA night!

Today was spent getting ready for the yard sale this week, doing yard work, going to the grocery store, making fresh pizza dough and chores. Until dinner time. Then all the neighborhood kids were sent home and the chores ceased and it was family time! We decided to cook together as a family. We were dying to try out the new granite pizza stone for the grill that we bought Michael for Father's Day. So the kids pulled up a chair (much to Logan's chagrin at first) and started kneading, slicing and grating. As soon as they started helping they were hooked and totally enjoyed themselves! They each made a pizza, with our help, (even Meeka helped a little when she wasn't pulling things from the pantry or trying to eat all the ingredients before they made it on the pizza) and were so proud of their results! And they even cleaned up after themselves (and believe me, the kitchen needed cleaning after we were done!) saying they liked to clean up in the kitchen, just not their toys! The pizza's turned out great!! Now we need to get a pizza peel and we'll be all set. Pizza on the grill is a family favorite!

Sausage, Red Onion and Wild Mushroom Pizza

Traditional half cheese and half pepperoni. 
(The kids started diving into this one before I could get a picture of it whole!)

After a yummy dinner the kids played NICELY together outside! Then had a bowl of ice cream (it was National Ice Cream Day after all!) before bed! What great evening!

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