Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Taking a time out

I have been naughty today. Very very naughty. So I put myself in a time out. I called a sitter and the salon and left my kiddos for 2 hours. I was feeling rather worn out and moody I was very testy these past few days. I hate when I get like that! I snap faster than normal and just "loose it" when I am pushed. This behavior defiantly deserved a time out. And I took it!

It was soooo nice to head to the salon for a pedicure and some time to sit back, read a magazine and just stare off into space. And I went for the works with the foot massage and paraffin wax dip too! My garage sale money well spent it I do say so myself! I need a little time away every now and then. Michael has gotten back into golfing this year. Which is great for him and I am happy to have him go and enjoy himself, but that just means even more time with just me and the kids. And yes, I love my kids dearly, but they can drive me up a wall sometimes!!!

So now that my battery is recharged I am ready for the next battle. Packing for our trip to the Poconos for the family reunion.  6 people. 7 days. 9 hours in in jammed packed car each way. Sleeping all spread out between RV's and Michael's grandparents house. All in 90 degree weather. Gonna be an adventure for sure!

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