Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nature Lovers

My kids are nature lovers. Logan loves hiking and using a compass, Melina loves worms and gardening and Meeka likes ants and spiders. Carson just likes being outside for now. Dayton has an awesome MetroPark system and we have taken advantage of several Tike Hikes, A Stroller Strut and have done some exploring on our own. Here are some pictures of Meeka at this weeks Tike Hike. We went to Hills and Dales and checked out their Nature Play area. A play area where kids are encouraged to get dirty and wet while exploring nature by picking flowers and plants, overturning rocks in the creek, building forts out of sticks and hiking in the poison ivy free area. If you live in the area and have not checked out what the MetroParks have to offer, you should! 

 Seeing what she can find in the creek.
 Using a magnifying glass to explore

She spent about 15 minutes playing with this spider.

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