Monday, July 18, 2011

Best Day Ever...

Breakfast Al Fresco

Then since it was HOT and HUMID already
they headed for the sprinkler and the pool
and had some water fun! And it felt
good...even that early!
By 9am this morning I heard, "This is the Best Day ever!" Here's how it went.

 This morning started with the kids getting up themselves and watching Backyardigans. After it was over they dressed at Harbor Patrol and came to save Carson and I. In return for their hard work and bravery saving us, I told them I would make them a hearty breakfast to regain their energy. I made homemade French toast sticks and made them into houses and we dined outside.

Water fun at 8:30am

Then we headed up to Engelwood to meet up with Aunt Shendy and Sammy Reese. We hiked up to Patty Falls to see the water. It was beautiful (although a bit dangerous at times) and it was cool in the woods and nice hike for the kids to easily walk!
Patty Falls

The hiking path brought us right to the Nature Play area. Where the kids found some caterpillars, played a bit and then headed for the creek.
JoJo's caterpillar

Everyone playing the creek

Carson and Sammy Reese had a blast!

Meeka and Melina

The kept chasing after this butterfly. Of course after they left it alone it landed.

Logan in the creek

Carson got the messiest!

Meeka and Carson playing together in the filed after lunch!

The day has continued with more water fun in the backyard . How can you not when the temp is 93!
And sometimes I need the remember that all it takes to have the "Best Day Ever"  is so unexpected play time at home!

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