Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Although life throws many curveballs at us...and spitballs and poopballs... and well you get the picture, I try to have a little fashion in my life. I figure if I put on a necklace, maybe no one will notice the ketsup and formula stains on my clothes. I don't know if it works, but it makes me feel better about myself. Today I decided to add a pink flower pin to a white tank and jean shorts to dress it up. Made me feel spunky today. (This picture was taken at the Children's Garden this morning)

This morning Melina also sported her version of style. She came downstairs wearing a headband (which she called her pretty flower headband) and then proceeded to take several trips to the mirror to "check how it was looking." She is more my tomboy and the headband as a sweatband with biker shorts and tennis shoes and little bit of sparkle on her butterfly shirt just fit her personality to the T!

And Meeka is more my girly girly. Always sporting the accessories. She has been wearing my heals lately (and walking pretty well in them). I caught her again tonight with my heals, a phone and a water bottle. (looks like her toes need a little work!)

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