Monday, July 25, 2011

Budget Cuts Cause Major Meltdowns!

I am taking deep breaths this afternoon and I am probably going to do something I never do in the middle of the day. Just sit and watch bad reality TV.

Today we went to the library to turn in our summer reading passports so the kids could get their prizes. We have been meaning to get there for weeks, but it just has not happened. Not because our schedule is so jammed packed that we don't have any time for the library, but because of the state budget cuts the library has had to cut hours and staff. The library does not open until 12pm now. So that means we either go at lunch / nap time or we go during the unhappy hour right before dinner. Either way is a loose loose situation for me. Today we decided to run some errands and then go to the library straight when it opened at noon. I put the little two in the stroller and we made it about 10 minutes before they were fussing. Carson was just getting tired and hungry and Meeka (who had taken off her shoes in that 10 minutes) just wanted to get out. I let Meeka out. BIG Mistake. She never wanted to get back in and I ended up having to pick her up and hold her sideways around the waist while trying to check out books. Then our bag string got caught around the stroller wheel so I was trying to fix that and Meeka was taking brochures off the table and Melina was trying to climb in the stroller and Carson was fussing the whole time. One lady asked if she could help us get the heck OUTof the library I think! So I pushed the screaming gang one handed while holding Meeka with the other out to the car and got everyone buckled and took some deep breaths before driving home in silence (me....NOT them!) and putting everyone to bed / quiet time. Yikes! This one goes down in the books for one of the biggest public meltdowns! Not a pretty start to my week. But it's bound to get better, right?

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