Thursday, July 21, 2011


Today was the start of our neighborhood garage sale and for me that meant, "Getting rid of the baby items sale." It was Bittersweet. I love organizing, so as much as it stressed me out at times trying to get everything done (and  I know I was anal about it) I very much enjoyed it. If anyone wanted to pay me to organize their stuff for a sale I would gladly do it. Not that I really think I can earn much of a living that way.

I have to say I am ready to get rid of the big bulky baby items lurking in in my house. But yet, I have SAD feelings that I will never have another one to swing in the swing or sit in the bouncy seat out on the patio, and I won't look over while cooking dinner to see a happy baby playing away in the exersaucer. And the clothes. Don't get me started on the clothes. While I am happy to get rid of the countless stacks of bins in the basement, I have so many MEMORIES associated with clothes. (The outfit that my boys wore their first Christmas Eve's, the dress Melina wore in Aunt Shendy's wedding, the cute stripped pants that Melina loved to wear and Meeka's red coat....the list goes on and on). Looking though bin after bin the past couple days I felt like I was putting a price on my memories. I teared up a couple of times and I know I overpriced my memories a bit. But I felt like a sell-out...selling my memories away. But that is not true. I know I can look back at pictures on paper and in my head. The memories are not going any wear, only the material associated with them. And I know that most of the stuff my kids won't want. It will be so outdated by the time they have kids. So for now I have resided to the fact that I can give (or sell) the material associated with my memories and other families can make memories with their kids. It is just passing the love around. At least this is how I am getting through the next couple of days. Thinking positive. If you or someone you know needs any boy or girl clothes to make loving, lasting memories with, come on over. I have the perfect outfit for you!

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