Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Business Plan

On Thursday Logan and Melina each took turns selling lemonade and No Bake Cookies at the garage sale. Last night I was talking to Michael about their stand and how Logan was good at pouring the Lemonade and taking money and making change, but he was shy and didn't talk to many people. Melina on the other hand was a great saleswomen when it was her turn. She went right up to people and asked if they wanted Lemonade or cookies, but she had trouble getting everything for people. I did NOT talk about this with them, just praised them both for a great job selling.

This morning they came down and told me they had a plan! Melina would get customers and bring them to Logan and he would give them Lemonade and cookies and take the money. It amazes me that they worked this out all by themselves! Sounds like a great plan to me. And it did work. Today they approached people and with teamwork they sold a bigger percentage of their product than I did of mine.

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