Saturday, July 16, 2011

Family Day

Today was family day and since it was beautiful outside we decided to explore a park with water. Meeka and Carson and I had been to the Children's Garden at Wegerzyn Gardens 2 times, but Logan and Melina and Michael had never been and I knew they would love it. So we packed up our suits and a picnic lunch and headed out. The kids did love it and they could have stayed much longer (although 3 of the 4 were asleep within 3 minutes of being in the car on the way home). They are already asking to go back. 

Here are some of our highlights. 
                                               A maze sculpture built right outside the garden

                                        Getting ready to head into the woods for a small hike.

                                                                       And their off...

They all enjoyed the waterfall on this HOT day! 

They played with the watering cans and sand for a LONG time. Maybe we should have just packed up and driven to the beach! (I WISH!!!)

I tried 10 times to get this picture and I couldn't get everyone to look at me at the same time. This is the only one where we can see all 4 faces, but as you can see Carson was over it!

This is the smartest plant in the garden. When you try to pick it it curls up and "plays dead" for a bit. The kids were fascinated! (And so was Michael!)

The plant playing dead.

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